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Ultimate Guide to Wedding Day Entertainment

Posted on 03/05/2017

Your wedding day will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life and if you want your guests to never forget the day you tied the knot too, the secret lies in how well you can keep them entertained! Traditionally, wedding days can be long affairs and quite tiring (in a good way of course) for older and younger guests, so the more welcome and relaxed your guests feel, the more they’ll enjoy your big day.  Today we’ll be exploring the just some of the hundreds of entertainment options now available to modern couples when planning their dream wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony:

Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning, choosing the right music throughout the day is at the heart of most couples’ entertainment strategy. Whether you’re opting for a traditional religious wedding ceremony or a more alternative ceremony to celebrate your nuptials, we know you’ll be using music to create the right atmosphere for both you and your guests.

Ceremony music possibilities go beyond traditional church music and hymns and many modern couples prefer to have live acoustic music to welcome in guests and to serenade the bride as she walks down the aisle. The atmosphere created by live performers is very powerful, so consider the ethereal sound of a classical harpist, or the raw emotion of a solo operatic singer or even an acoustic blend of mood music from a string quartet or pianist – there won’t be dry eye in the house!

The ceremony itself is the time when you might want to bring in the services of a wedding nanny to keep in hand the younger members of your party. Ceremonies can be a little tedious for young spirits and offering an alternative activity to entertain them will help to keep their moods positive for the long day ahead.

Drinks Reception:

The lull between the actual wedding ceremony and the main evening reception, is a key time for the official photographer to do their thing and for many guests this window of time can be the most challenging especially if they don’t know many of your other guests, so here we have a few suggestions to consider. Something as simple as lovely background music will certainly keep your guests pleasantly entertained so bring out your ceremony performers from earlier and deliver your guests an up-close concert to please all ears.

Also, why not consider having a magician present to wander the floor intriguing guests with their charisma and sleight of hand up-close magic tricks? Another very original idea we’ve come across is to arrange for a wedding caricaturist to offer guests super-fast caricatures; highly entertaining and a unique wedding day souvenir for them.

If you’re lucky enough to be having your ceremony/reception at the beautiful Tournerbury Woods Estate, then the possibility of endless outdoor fun is a sure draw for guests of all ages. Our inviting luscious lawns make a great venue for runaround games or giant Jenga, so provided the weather is on your side, there’s no danger of guests getting bored!

Outdoor games

Wedding Meal:

During the wedding meal your guests will no doubt be too focused on the food and drink coming their way to be in need of additional entertainment other than the wedding speeches of course, but there are a couple of creative ideas we’ve found to add to the magic of the event which are definitely worth considering. Small people are notoriously fussy eaters and when highly excited are likely to want to spend as little time as possible at the table. So why not employ the services of a professional balloonist to keep them well behaved and content?

One of my personal favourites, that has become enormously popular in recent years, is the presence of singing waiters at your wedding celebration. There are different types of performers and live events you can choose but the different companies follow the same format when it comes to the element of surprise. Generally the singing waiters blend seamlessly with the existing venue staff and during the meal engage with guests just as other staff would do. Then at the pre-ordained moment they will spring into action delivering a surprise live concert that never fails to impress the guests.

Main Reception:

The classic DJ playing back-to-back floor-fillers is still one of the most popular options for evening dance entertainment but for dance-shy guests and younger members of your wedding party, you could always arrange for an outdoor show by fire performance artists – this would be an impressive choice if planning your wedding in the autumn or winter when the nights are dark and you really want to add a ‘wow’ factor to your evening’s entertainment. Obviously you’d need to make sure what the venue rules are for this kind of outdoor entertainment.

For those of your guests who like a friendly flutter or just need a break from the dance floor you could also think of running a money-free casino during the main reception which will keep playful spirits up and definitely help to make your wedding day a day for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives!

Ultimate Guide to Top UK Wedding Blogs

Posted on 01/02/2017

Imagining and creating your own wedding day has to be one of life’s most amazing and yet daunting tasks ever facing today’s soon-to-be-weds.  Modern couples are no longer bound by the traditional wedding format, as venue options have opened up and alternative wedding themes are seemingly limitless. Those that do opt for a conventional wedding ceremony often choose to add their own memorable personal twists and those who want to create an alternative, original wedding day have oodles of inspiration from colourful online wedding blogs. 

But where to begin the search for the best wedding ideas? Well, we’ve done a bit of groundwork for you and have created a compilation of the most original and informative UK wedding blogs to guide you and inspire you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dreaming of a traditional ceremony with a difference or something rather quirky to suit you and your partner’s unique tastes, we’re confident you’ll find what you need within the pages of these wonderful UK wedding blogs. So let’s take a closer look….in no particular order!

Love My Dress:

‘Love My Dress’ is a wedding blog whose mission is to empower women in the wedding planning process whilst embracing glamour and encouraging stylish sophistication.  The team at ‘Love My Dress’ is passionate about love and weddings and is keen to support the best bridal creatives in the business. They specialise in particular in vintage wedding themes.

Rock My Wedding:

‘Rock My Wedding’ is a wedding blog with a dazzling array of resources to help you plan the wedding of your dreams whether you want to hand over the planning process to a professional wedding planner or whether you’re choosing the DIY approach to your wedding day. ‘Rock My Wedding’ showcases lots of superb handpicked suppliers and features inspiring real weddings to get your imagination rocking!

Rock n Roll Bride:


The ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ is one of the most popular wedding blogs in the world and lives up to its motto as the ‘ultimate guide for alternative brides’ with its inspiring manifesto you can find on the blog. In their own words “Rock n Roll Bride is about the charm and unique nature of ordinary people’s extraordinary weddings…declaring your love in your own special way”

OMG I’m Getting Married:

Wedding blog ‘OMG I’m Getting Married!’ came into being as a very personal affair for its founder who was in the midst of planning her own wedding but it has now grown into something way bigger and brighter.  It is a rich and diverse catalogue of all things wedding with gorgeous images to feast your eyes on and wonderful real wedding stories to help release your own creativity 

Bespoke Bride:

The team at ‘Bespoke Brides’ gives brides-to-be all the tools and inspiration to plan their own dream wedding and their hope is to inspire couples to design a wedding that is creative, crafty & full of character. They are known as a leading wedding blog for the DIY approach to wedding planning, racking up numerous industry awards and featuring an impressive array of wedding suppliers to assist in the planning process.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings:

This is a delightful wedding blog with heaps of special features and wedding-related resources. The Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog delivers a lovely personal touch with their regular feature ‘Bride Diaries’ and with their inspiring selection of real wedding stories for the more alternative bride planning her big day. 

Want That Wedding:


The wedding blog ‘Want That Wedding’ features all sorts of wedding stories to delight and inspire their readers hungry for creative input in their wedding planning journey. A particular emphasis is on featured weddings with innovative photography and brides who have done it their own way, throwing convention to the wind..

Boho Weddings:

Perceived as a go-to blog for Boho brides all over the world,  ‘Boho Weddings’ is a wedding blog that likes to provide its readers with fun, informative and inspirational content. It’s all about Boho inspiration for your wedding whether you want modern/vintage or luxe/rustic and within the glossy pages of this UK wedding blog all you Boho brides-to-be won’t be disappointed!

Brides Up North:

As the name suggests ‘Brides Up North’ is an award-winning popular wedding blog dedicated to supporting brides in the North of England to plan their wedding day. The team at ‘Brides Up North’ is committed to encouraging wedding planners to think local and to involve all the amazing wedding industry suppliers that are right on their doorstep!

Plans & Presents:

Under the alias Mrs P & P, Alison from ‘Plans & Presents’ wedding blog is crazy about all things love and weddings, and feeds her zany addiction for weddings by sharing your real life love stories. Easy and interesting to navigate around, ‘Plans & Presents’ offers some lovely features including engagement shoots, real wedding stories and wedding industry suppliers in the spotlight.

English Wedding Blog:

The ‘English Wedding Blog’ provides comprehensive inspiration for planning your own wedding with lots of practical advice and insights into latest wedding trends. Whatever your chosen theme, the ‘English Wedding Blog’ will inspire you and inform you with coverage of real weddings from up and down the UK and they love to feature exciting and original suppliers for your pleasure.


Well, I hope that you've enjoying reading our latest blog and I'm sure you'll now be buzzing with inspiration for planning your own dreamy wedding!


Top 10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding

Posted on 21/09/2016

Planning your wedding is a challenge in itself but adding children into the equation gives you a whole other set of concerns if you want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible. So we’ve put on our thinking caps in our new blog ‘Top 10 Tips for Planning a Child-friendly Wedding’ to help ease your stress when accommodating children on your big day. Whatever venue you choose we believe in creating a welcoming environment for young and old, and these tips could mean that you and your grown-up guests will be happily kicking up your heels not tearing out your hair!

Here are our 'Top 10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding Day'...

1. Childcare at the wedding venue: If you have kids yourself or are expecting youngsters with guests at your wedding, a great idea is to arrange for someone to watch over the kids and organise activities which can keep young ones in a good mood on what can be a very long day. If you are concerned about children disrupting the ceremony then this is an ideal option to take the pressure of parents.

2. Make the kids feel at home: especially at outdoor weddings it’s sometimes a bit confusing for children to know what’s what in terms of what to do where, so when planning your wedding day signage try to make them as child-friendly as possible by including easy-to-understand images rather than just words. This can be a simple yet effective way of helping children to feel at home and not be overwhelmed by the wedding day festivities.

3. Kids menu choices: whatever catering you have chosen for the main wedding meal, remember that dishes that may appeal to our more mature palates might not be the average favourite food of the fussy five year old! Arrange for simple child-friendly options in advance or if it’s buffet style food, then be sure to include lots of tasty finger food and fruity treats for the younger guests. 

4. Roles for the children: depending on the number of children expected at your wedding, assigning specific roles and responsibilities to younger guests can be a great way to help them feel involved in the big day. Children who feel wanted and needed during the day will feel more special and hopefully will be on best behaviour so they make a good impression. This might not be so easy if there are a lot of kids at the wedding and in this situation maybe you could organise them to hold balloons and accompany the bridal party or maybe be the ones in charge of confetti distribution and showering!

5. Kids’ entertainment:  a few easy and low-cost options for entertaining the little ones could be face-painting or an arts and craft area, especially suited for outdoor weddings where there is enough room to set up a dedicated kids area. Maybe you could even include special entertainment for the kids such as a puppet show or circus skills workshop both of which would also offer great natural and candid photographic opportunities of the important little people.

6. Games for all the family: outdoor wedding venues like Tournerbury offer the perfect backdrop for serious amounts of outdoor play for guests young and old. You’re never too old to enjoy traditional lawn games and kids like nothing more than getting the grown-ups to run around and have fun, and it’s a sure fire way to keep them entertained and active with lots of laughter too!

7. Table activities: when seated at the table (which could be a special table just for the little ones) make sure they have some lovely paper and colouring pencils for doodling and artistic expression. Maybe suggest that the kids draw a picture of the bride and groom to give them at the end of the day or even supply each child with a disposable camera so they can have fun taking photos during the day...both these suggestions would go down well with younger guests and help keep them busy during the long day.

8. Kids’ disco time: before the main dancing gets started, why not ask the DJ spinning tunes on the day to have a playlist ready which is aimed at the children? Give the children half an hour to dance their socks off and you’re less likely to hear them whining about being bored - active kids are happy kids and everybody wants to party at a wedding whatever their age!

9. Movie night and popcorn: another practical child-friendly suggestion for weddings held later in the day would be to set up a movie evening with popcorn for the kids under supervision where they can cosy up and watch their favourite movie or drop off to sleep on a comfy bean bag whilst the parents hit the dance floor until the wee hours – and maybe even a few of the grown-ups might end up here too..

10. Going home bags: instead of traditional wedding favours, why not give the children a personalised goody bag to take home with them at the end of the day with specially chosen age-appropriate treats – a few sweet snacks, toys, puzzles or other fun items won’t break the bank and will certainly delight your younger guests.





We hope you’ve been inspired by our ‘Top 10 Tips for a Child-friendly Wedding’ and would welcome any ideas you may have to make a wedding day as welcoming as possible for children. Thank you for reading!


A Wedding for Every Season: Summer

Posted on 01/06/2016

Maybe it seems too obvious to be singing the praises of summer for your much-anticipated wedding day, but in case you’re still sitting on the fence seasonally-speaking, here’s a few of our favourite reasons for choosing an English summer wedding.

Bride:  for the main attraction at any wedding, the summer gives you the perfect chance to show off your dream wedding dress without the need for extra layers, as the summer months here in the UK are more likely to be warm, even if not start to finish guaranteed sunshine. Furthermore, if you’re a bride-to-be who favours non-traditional bright colours, then the summer does offer the best potential for adding bold touches to your wedding day colour palette. 

Venue:  the milder days and the long balmy evenings of an English summer create the perfect backdrop for a romantic country wedding, an ideal option for nature lovers planning their nuptials who want to make the most of the great outdoors to celebrate their big day. Even if you’re not planning a rural wedding, at least the summer offers a greater possibility of incorporating outdoor elements into the day.

Flowers:  whilst flower choices are extensive all year round with modern growing techniques and global transportation, they do come at a cost, both in terms of actual money laid out and in terms of the environment. If you prefer to use flowers that are naturally in season (important if you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding because of the carbon footprint associated with imported flowers) the summer definitely offers the most possibilities for gorgeous blooms to choose from. 

Summer Themes: the summer season offers so many choices when it comes to wedding themes and topping our favourites list are the Seaside, Rustic and Vintage themes which give wide scope to incorporate traditional English elements without spending a fortune.  Vintage themed weddings are still immensely popular here in the UK and it’s easy to see why – the timeless beauty of fashion from bye-gone eras coupled with the best of English traditions and sprinkled with a bit of good old-fashioned nostalgia! 



Food: even if you’re not planning a specific rustic/vintage theme for your wedding day, the classic Summer Garden Tea Party is still a current firm favourite with wedding parties in the UK, so get yourself some elegant vintage props for your tables and bring on the buffet packed with exquisitely made sarnies and summertime treats to fill hungry tummies. Or instead, why not opt for a Barbecue or Hog Roast to satisfy even the greatest appetite.



Drink: when it comes to the welcome cocktail, the summer months call for something to refresh the palate and of course the traditional Champagne welcome drink will always have its place. But why not add your own original twist by following the American tradition of a signature cocktail at your wedding? Choose a delicious summer cocktail that you really love, maybe this juicy Grapefruit Mojito, or even opt for the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ option to cater for different tastes and represent a little bit of both of you..

We hope you've enjoyed our latest wedding blog and we'd love to hear about your ideas for the perfect summer wedding. Why not join us on Twitter or Pinterest if you'd like to share your summer wedding inspiration?

Planning Your Vintage Wedding

Posted on 31/03/2016

The immense popularity of vintage style weddings is not in danger of waning anytime soon;  as we approach the busy summer wedding season, many of you brides-to-be out there will be walking down the aisle in wedding dresses reminiscent of  bye-gone eras amongst an abundance of soft pastels, hedgerow flowers and other nostalgic reminders of days gone by.

Clearly the definition of vintage has relaxed with the increasing popularity of the vintage theme; a bride-to-be doesn't have to opt for just one era, she can pick and choose from different vintage periods to create her own unique vintage vibe. This decision may irk the vintage purist but it’s your wedding and there isn’t a rule book when it comes to vintage wedding planning.

For any bride dreaming up a vintage wedding, the wedding dress is key in creating the right look and, with specialist vintage-inspired bridal boutiques and innumerable pre-loved clothes outlets on the high street, the choices are extensive. Whether you’re looking for the red-lipped glamour of the pre-war 1930s or the fresh-faced classic prom style of the 1950s, no vintage bride would be complete without a few essential accessories. Whether you love feathers, antique silver or glossy pearls, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning vintage headpieces or bridal brooches to make your wedding ensemble complete.

However, it’s not just about the bride when it comes to vintage planning and there’s much the groom and his party can do to vintage up the wedding day;  from quirky bow-ties to snappy retro footwear, from stylish double-breasted suits to slicked back hair styles of their favourite era.  You could always plan to arrive at the reception in a classic vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage to further enhance the vintage feel of your special day.

English summer weddings are perfect for all those extra vintage touches too - fresh strawberries with lashings of cream served in delicate floral china, an old unwanted typewriter rescued from your local charity shop replacing the standard guests’ book, pretty bunting just about everywhere you look and rustic hand-written chalk boards directing people to where they need to go - the possibilities are endless!

So if you’re looking to re-create the charm of a bye-gone era, it doesn't matter if you call it vintage, modern vintage, retro, nostalgic, shabby chic, eclectic country or even Bohemian, you’ll be stepping back in time for one of the most important days of your life, so throw away the rule book and let your imagination and your heart’s desires lead the way. We hope our blog has given you some extra inspiration for creating the vintage-style wedding of your dreams  and be sure to have plenty of fun in researching and planning your magical wedding day!

A Wedding for Every Season: Spring

Posted on 19/02/2016

As nature emerges from the dormant winter, we’re beginning to see the first signs of spring with new shoots emerging from the earth and the first flush of early spring flowers. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, the time of new beginnings and the time to plant seeds for your future dreams after the dark winter months. 

Needless to say I am not alone in appreciating the gifts this season brings; on a simple level, the season of fresh new growth and new beginnings represents the perfect time to start a new journey together with your loved one as husband and wife. Let the wedding season begin!..
 But first, let’s take a look at some of pros and cons of planning a spring wedding so you can make the best decision for one of the biggest days of your lives.

The Great British Weather: regardless of whether you’re considering an early spring wedding or a late one, you can never be too prepared when it comes to the main uncontrollable variable in the whole planning process – the weather! Throughout March and April there is a strong likelihood of rain dropping in uninvited but just be prepared;  maybe supply umbrellas for guests to use (we simply love what Love Umbrellas have on offer), have an indoor option for photos and for the bridal party consider long lace sleeves and cosy shrugs rather than sleeveless options and unwanted goose bumps. And remember that even wellies can look glamourous when worn by a radiant bride!..

Embracing the Season: reflect the magnificence of spring with a dreamy colour palette of duck egg blue, verdant forest green and audacious spring yellow, all complimented beautifully by creamy whites. In flower at this time of the year is a multitude of pretty flowers - cherry blossom, daffodils, crocuses, peonies, sweet pea and tulips. Create a truly natural romantic setting for your celebration with cherry blossom lining the aisle, table centrepieces created from mossy logs and spring flowering bulbs and tiny oak saplings as wedding favours for your guests.

Advanced Planning: remember you’ll not be the only ones planning your nuptials for the springtime so our advice is to plan well ahead to avoid disappointment especially when it comes to the key suppliers – the wedding venue, the photographer, the florist and the caterers.  In spring we are blessed with several public holidays which give us a few welcome long weekends and for those planning to marry, this can sometimes be used to your advantage. For guests who have a long way to travel a long weekend makes the trip so much more enjoyable especially if the ceremony is held on the Sunday.  One last thought on the planning front, which won’t apply to all of you of course, is that you might want to avoid clashing with the FA Cup Final always held in late May!

Good luck with your plans for your spring wedding 2017 and beyond and just remember that in some cultures it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day because a wet knot is much harder to untie!

Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Posted on 30/01/2016

Planning your wedding is a very personal journey; your big day being an outer expression of who you are and what really matters to you. For some people the exorbitant costs of a wedding are not an option, not just because of the financial impact, but also because of the cost to the planet. According to one study, the average wedding emits about 14.5 tonnes of CO2 which is more than the average person in a whole year!

For nature-loving, eco-friendly couples who want to celebrate their marriage without costing the earth, there are many options for ‘greening’ up your wedding.  But what do we mean by a green wedding? In simple terms, a green wedding would be one where waste is minimised and the impact on the natural world is a key factor in decision-making; making sourcing local suppliers a priority and minimising disposable items a  necessity. Even if you can’t put your hand on your heart and say it’s 100% green, even a few green elements in your wedding are better than none.

Invitations:  an easy option for saving on paper is of course to opt for the email invitation, which is by no means a traditional choice, but definitely a  growing trend in this digital age. With easy-to-use online design tools you could unleash your artistic potential and design some very cool and very personal invites for your guests. 

Ring: diamonds are still the traditional choice for engagement rings, but if you have ethical concerns about the diamond industry, you could try sourcing the gem from Canada or from a fair-trade mine in Sierra Leone. Another choice, of course, is to wear a family heirloom, re-fashioned to suit you, or indeed break the mold completely and opt for a different stone to adorn your engagement ring.

Wedding Gifts: a nice idea for the socially responsible couple might be to choose a wedding gift supplier who donates a percentage of their profits to a good cause, one that you would like your guests to support with their gift buying.

Wedding Dress: if you want to keep down costs and not buy unnecessarily, then an obvious green choice is to opt for either a second-hand gown from a vintage boutique or for maybe a re-style of your mother’s wedding dress. After all ‘vintage’ is definitely still hot and tying in a vintage wedding theme a very popular choice.

Food: the obvious green options when planning the wedding menu is to choose sustainable sources of meat /fish and to opt for local suppliers and seasonal ingredients, thus ensuring maximum freshness and minimum carbon footprint. Another way to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding is to have the ceremony and reception party at the same location, something we can certainly offer here at Tournerbury.

 Flowers:  when it comes to flowers and centrepieces, think local to the UK not exotic choices from the other side of the world; think living plants, not just cut 

flowers. Potted plants make beautiful table centrepieces and mini potted plants or packets of wildflower seeds would make perfect wedding favours.

Honeymoon: ..and finally, keeping it green for the honeymoon, for couples who love the natural world, what better start for your journey together as husband and wife, than booking yourselves onto a fantastic Eco-tour honeymoon!


‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ - 10 reasons to say ‘I Do’ in the festive season

Posted on 10/12/2015

 Deciding to tie the knot in the festive season is not the most common choice for couples planning their nuptials, possibly because of concern about guest availability, or  about creating extra costs for  people at a time of the year when pockets already need to be pretty deep or simply because of the unpredictability of the British weather. All objections aside though, every season can be wedding season and we’ve been exploring the possibilities of a Christmas or a New Year wedding – here are our top 10 reasons to say ‘I Do’ in the festive season:

1.  The Christmas and New Year period presents a treasure trove of decorating themes whether you favour angels or snowmen, stars or Christmas trees, twinkly lights or traditional tinsel – the choices are exciting and endless!

2. Any wedding in the festive season would not be complete without an abundance of sparkle, so when you’re deciding on the all-important dress design or planning your table decorations, think sparkling sequins, think glamourous glitter, think razzmatazz!

3. If you love a bit of drama in your colour schemes, you’re going to love the options presented by a Christmas or New Year wedding – be bold with black and gold, be daring with reds, and don’t be afraid to embrace dramatic metallics when conjuring up your wedding scene.

 4. Choosing your wedding menu at the festive time of the year could be a lot of fun for the bride and groom –  you could incorporate all your festive family favourites into a seasonal extravaganza of deliciousness and don’t forget the mulled wine and hot chocolate to help keep the inner fires burning.

5. For the adventurous adrenaline-junkie couple getting married in the Christmas holiday season gives you the perfect excuse for a honeymoon to remember – no lazing on the beach for you, it’ll be time for some serious fun together out on the piste!

6. Although deciding on the best date might present some problems around Christmas and New Year, generally most people have already taken time off work and if they’re around they'll certainly be ready to bring all their festive spirit to help you celebrate your big day.

7. Christmas is a favourite season for many people steeped in magic, togetherness and tradition when generosity of spirit and compassion are encouraged – what wonderful values to honour in the celebration of your marriage.

  8. Traditional carol singing is a lovely way for to celebrate together but for those newly-weds more interested in keeping the dance floor packed all night, you’ll be spoiled for choice with Christmas classics of the last 50 years!

9. If you decide on a Christmas wedding, why not embrace the festive season completely and choose the Mariah Carey classic ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ for your unforgettable first dance?

10. And last but not least, you’ll certainly have no problem remembering your wedding anniversary if you decide to get married at Christmas time!

A Wedding for Every Season: Winter

Posted on 28/10/2015

Last month we were greatly inspired by autumn as a perfect season for a perfect wedding, but as we fast approach the shorter and bleaker days of winter, what would you say to the possibility of a winter wedding?  If we look beyond the commonly-held view that winter equals cold, dark and wet, then we can actually appreciate that winter is one of the most exciting and magical times of the year and simply brimming with possibilities when it comes to planning your dream wedding. 

 For me, winter is a naturally romantic time of the year with long, dark nights conducive to cosy evenings by the fire and a place is never as inviting and intimate as when it’s bathed in candle light. When it comes to conjuring up the perfect romantic mood for your wedding day, just think candles inside, fairy lights outside and a fabulous roaring fire! Imagine rich and tasty dishes to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites and piping hot chocolate, not chilled fizz,  to toast the newly-weds. 

Of course, for the all-important bride, when considering winter weather in the UK, dress design does require some careful aforethought,  but there’s no need to sacrifice style if you opt for an elegant bridal cloak to compliment your wedding dress. Without the verdant colours of summer or the golden shades of autumn, less conventional brides-to-be may want to explore luxurious and rich colour schemes to bring to life any winter wonderland. Deep purples and bold reds are great choices in a winter colour palette and can be exquisitely complemented by eye-catching metallics or dreamy creams. 

Even in the cold winter months Mother Nature offers us beautiful inspiration for table decorations and bridal party bouquets so get creative with colour and textures. And for the wedding photographer of course the winter can offer some of the most stunning backdrops for your wedding photos, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a sprinkling of snow or a keen frost to add to the magical atmosphere. 

It goes without saying that your wedding will be the highlight of the year for you whatever season you pick, but for your guests opting for a winter date could make your wedding a highlight of everyone’s year. There are always fewer invites in the winter months and guaranteed people will be in the mood for some serious fun at a winter wedding. And to make things even better, with the short days and long nights the evening party can kick off as soon as the sun goes down and you and your guests can party on for even longer.  

A Wedding for Every Season: Autumn

Posted on 26/09/2015

 As September draws to a close, there is no denying that autumn is now here and when you look out of the window on a grey and rainy day, imagining an autumn wedding might not be the most obvious choice when contemplating your wedding date. But wait..before you write off the possibility of planning a wedding in the autumn months, let me take a moment to state the case for the autumn, the richly coloured, beautiful and most photogenic  season of the year here in the UK 

For me, autumn is all about colour and how it can be an inspiration the whole wedding event; from seasonal table centre pieces featuring pumpkins and pine cones, to the rich and golden colour palette the bride can explore for her, the bridesmaids and even the groom. It offers a chance to stray from conventional black and white to softer creams, earthy browns and vibrant coppers which can be so beautifully complimented by buttonhole decorations, headdresses and bouquets for all the wedding party. What’s more, autumn-inspired wedding cakes have got to be some of the most stunning designs I’ve ever seen.

                                                                            Another great thing about the autumn is the different themes that you can easily tap into if you want to make your wedding day a day to remember for everyone. In September it’s the Autumn Equinox where day and night are equal length and it’s a traditional time to feast and celebrate with loved ones before the long winter months – perfect for a wedding day! October brings Halloween which gives you a great choice in terms of dramatic colours, fun traditional games and activities, as well as wonderful food offerings such as warming pumpkin soup, hot spiced cider and potatoes baked in the fire. And in November of course we celebrate Bonfire Night, so if location permits, amongst other things, you could celebrate your nuptials with a big bright fire, hot mulled wine and delicious toasted marshmallows. 

There’s a wise expression that says “there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes” and I think they’re right. Whatever the season, here in the UK there are no certainties when planning your wedding, so in the autumn, when the likelihood is that the weather might be cooler and possibly wet, you just have to plan accordingly. Supply heaters, blankets and even umbrellas for guests to use and then everyone can feel cosy and rain doesn’t need to stop play. And for the main attraction, the bride of course, you can even invest in an innovative Rainaway Bride wedding dress cover to protect your dress whatever the weather.  


Continuing the practical theme, there are other incentives to plan your wedding day in the autumn; firstly, you are less likely to have guests unable to come because of summer holiday commitments and secondly, if you play your cards right you might get some good deals with wedding suppliers because your business will be definitely appreciated in the quieter autumn months. 

I hope this is food for thought if you’re planning your wedding and we would love to hear from any bride-to-be dreaming of a woodland wedding in the autumn because the Tournerbury Woods Estate offers such a beautiful setting.

Look out for our next blog where we'll be exploring wonderful and wintry wedding options..


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    Kohler party - Surrey

  • “We had a great weekend – so relaxing. The cottage is lovely and it is so amazing to have the woods and the sea together in one incredible place.”

    Vacar family - Hertfordshire

  • “What an amazing place. We”ve loved eating outside and watching the wildlife. Thank you for thinking of everything to make our stay wonderful.”

    Purewal family