Ultimate Guide to Wedding Day Entertainment

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Day Entertainment

Posted on 03/05/2017

Your wedding day will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life and if you want your guests to never forget the day you tied the knot too, the secret lies in how well you can keep them entertained! Traditionally, wedding days can be long affairs and quite tiring (in a good way of course) for older and younger guests, so the more welcome and relaxed your guests feel, the more they’ll enjoy your big day.  Today we’ll be exploring the just some of the hundreds of entertainment options now available to modern couples when planning their dream wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony:

Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning, choosing the right music throughout the day is at the heart of most couples’ entertainment strategy. Whether you’re opting for a traditional religious wedding ceremony or a more alternative ceremony to celebrate your nuptials, we know you’ll be using music to create the right atmosphere for both you and your guests.

Ceremony music possibilities go beyond traditional church music and hymns and many modern couples prefer to have live acoustic music to welcome in guests and to serenade the bride as she walks down the aisle. The atmosphere created by live performers is very powerful, so consider the ethereal sound of a classical harpist, or the raw emotion of a solo operatic singer or even an acoustic blend of mood music from a string quartet or pianist – there won’t be dry eye in the house!

The ceremony itself is the time when you might want to bring in the services of a wedding nanny to keep in hand the younger members of your party. Ceremonies can be a little tedious for young spirits and offering an alternative activity to entertain them will help to keep their moods positive for the long day ahead.

Drinks Reception:

The lull between the actual wedding ceremony and the main evening reception, is a key time for the official photographer to do their thing and for many guests this window of time can be the most challenging especially if they don’t know many of your other guests, so here we have a few suggestions to consider. Something as simple as lovely background music will certainly keep your guests pleasantly entertained so bring out your ceremony performers from earlier and deliver your guests an up-close concert to please all ears.

Also, why not consider having a magician present to wander the floor intriguing guests with their charisma and sleight of hand up-close magic tricks? Another very original idea we’ve come across is to arrange for a wedding caricaturist to offer guests super-fast caricatures; highly entertaining and a unique wedding day souvenir for them.

If you’re lucky enough to be having your ceremony/reception at the beautiful Tournerbury Woods Estate, then the possibility of endless outdoor fun is a sure draw for guests of all ages. Our inviting luscious lawns make a great venue for runaround games or giant Jenga, so provided the weather is on your side, there’s no danger of guests getting bored!

Outdoor games

Wedding Meal:

During the wedding meal your guests will no doubt be too focused on the food and drink coming their way to be in need of additional entertainment other than the wedding speeches of course, but there are a couple of creative ideas we’ve found to add to the magic of the event which are definitely worth considering. Small people are notoriously fussy eaters and when highly excited are likely to want to spend as little time as possible at the table. So why not employ the services of a professional balloonist to keep them well behaved and content?

One of my personal favourites, that has become enormously popular in recent years, is the presence of singing waiters at your wedding celebration. There are different types of performers and live events you can choose but the different companies follow the same format when it comes to the element of surprise. Generally the singing waiters blend seamlessly with the existing venue staff and during the meal engage with guests just as other staff would do. Then at the pre-ordained moment they will spring into action delivering a surprise live concert that never fails to impress the guests.

Main Reception:

The classic DJ playing back-to-back floor-fillers is still one of the most popular options for evening dance entertainment but for dance-shy guests and younger members of your wedding party, you could always arrange for an outdoor show by fire performance artists – this would be an impressive choice if planning your wedding in the autumn or winter when the nights are dark and you really want to add a ‘wow’ factor to your evening’s entertainment. Obviously you’d need to make sure what the venue rules are for this kind of outdoor entertainment.

For those of your guests who like a friendly flutter or just need a break from the dance floor you could also think of running a money-free casino during the main reception which will keep playful spirits up and definitely help to make your wedding day a day for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives!


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