Did Someone Say Pamper Room?

Posted on 8th August 2023

If you’ve been shown around Tournerbury Woods Estate recently, then you won’t have missed our amazing, on-site Pamper Room.

Honestly, it’s simply stunning – one of our favourite rooms in the whole venue – and the place that always surprises our brides-to-be. So we wanted to tell you a little more about it.

A dedicated place for you to prepare for your wedding

Every part of your wedding is important, bringing special moments that you want to treasure forever. That starts from the moment you wake up and begin to get ready.

Speaking to previous brides, consulting with past bridal parties and focusing on all those extra little touches, we’ve made sure you’ll have everything you need to relax, unwind and enjoy the time preparing for your wedding.

We open the doors to our pamper room for you and your bridal party on the morning of your wedding – and it’s exclusively yours, as part of your venue hire.

You can stay in there for as long as you like before your ceremony – so you’ll have plenty of time for getting ready – chatting, laughing and relaxing with your closest friends and family.

Everything you could possibly need

As soon as you walk into our pamper room, you’ll see that we’ve thought of just about everything. First up is the beautiful comfy sofa, giving you all the space you need to chill out and relax, waiting for the hours to pass until you walk down the aisle.

Of course, those hours will fly by once you and your bridesmaids start to get ready. You’ll see we’ve got you covered there, with an extra-long make-up bar for you (and your hairdressers & make-up artists) to spread out all of your supplies.

The bar has four comfortable directors chairs (for that Hollywood feeling!) – so you can make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, to have your hair and make-up done perfectly. And of course – you can check on everything with the light-up backstage beauty mirrors we have along the wall or the full-length mirror that’s perfect for bridal portraits.

It means there’s room for all your bridal party to get ready in one place.

Our pamper room has access to a full bathroom too, so you can freshen up when you arrive and you’ll never need to leave and worry about bumping into other people in your wedding party – or your other half! – whilst you’re getting ready.

Above our Pamper Room at Tournerbury are four bedrooms, giving you and your bridal team plenty of space to get dressed and for you to have private bridal space as well if you want it.

Extra touches to make your preparations unforgettable

We’ve paid special attention to those extra touches too, to make sure our pamper room ticks every box for you.

So of course, you’ll find a Prosecco fridge ready to be stocked, and some champagne flutes on hand to enjoy a nerve-calming drink with your bridal party.

We’ve installed plenty of hooks – high up on the wall – so you can hang your dress (and your bridesmaids’ dresses) without worrying about creasing or them dragging on the floor.

The perfect setting for the most memorable photos

The final surprise of our pamper room at Woods Cottage is the access to the beautiful grounds and the fabulous Deck outside.

On a sunny day, it’s the perfect place for you and your bridal party to sit out and take in the amazing harbour side views from your own private vantage point.

And even if the weather isn’t so great, the stunning rural backdrop makes for fabulous photos, inside or out.

Our inclusive pamper room is just one more way we go the extra mile in ensuring your wedding with us is an experience you’ll never, ever forget.

Of course, our descriptions and our pictures don’t do justice to this amazing pamper room. So, if you really want to see how you could be getting ready for your wedding in absolute luxury, then why not arrange a show round Tournerbury with us?

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