How To Book Your Registrars

Posted on 12th October 2023

(If you are using Tournerbury for your legal marriage ceremony)

Tournerbury is a licensed wedding venue – licenced by Hampshire County Council Births, Deaths and Marriages Registrar Service.

Once you have your wedding date on provisional hold with us, it is the perfect time to book those all-important registrars for your ceremony to be legal. This is something that you have to do as a couple – it is not done by us simply because of the legal requirements associated with a marriage.

How to Book

We recommend our couples book their civil ceremony time slot, whilst your provisional date is on hold with us. The sooner you book them, the better, they only have limited availability and prime dates get booked up quickly.

You will need to book your ceremony with Hampshire Registrars

At Tournerbury, we fall under the Hampshire Registrars. To enquire about your required date, give them a call on 0300 555 1392.

When you book the Registrar they will ask for your chosen ceremony room, you will have to put an option down but please don’t worry you are not committed to this choice. 

The options are The Deck, The Gazebo, and we are also licensed for outdoor ceremonies around the grounds including our stunning Harbour Lawn. 

Giving Notice

You will need to give notice of marriage in plenty of time. Notice can be given from 12 months before your wedding but leave it no later than 28 days prior.

To give notice you will request an appointment at your local register office. This must be done at the office within the district where you have lived for a minimum of the past 7 days.

At the meeting, you will legally state your intention to marry. You will be asked to talk through personal details about yourself and your partner, but don’t worry it is to ensure you are both happy to marry each other.

It is always worth double-checking with the registrars what documentation you will need to bring along to the meeting.

Giving notice is extremely important because you will sign a document that is then displayed publicly for 28 days in the Register Office. Without this step happening, you may not be able to get legally married on your wedding day.

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